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WiFi Light Lamp Bulbs Holder Smart Home Switch IOS Android





Sonoff Slampher RF 433MHz Wireless Control Light Holder E27 Universal WiFi Light Lamp Bulbs Holder Smart Home Switch IOS Android

Note:Slampher RF has updated Slampher R2.  Design improvements were made in the appearance.  As shown in the picture is R1 version)

If you mind this, please place the order prudently , cautiously and carefully.
Product Specification:
[ Name ]:  Sonoff Slampher Wireless Control Light Holder
[ Voltage range ]: 90~260V AC
[ Max Current ]: 2A
[ Max Power ]: 200W
Product Advantage:
  • Supports 433MHz RF remote.
  • Supports status tracking: device status is timely provided to eWeLink.
  • Supports remote turn on or off connected appliance.
  • Supports max 8 enabled single/repeat/countdown timers.
  • Supports numerous WiFi smart switches one smart phone.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Works with Nest.
  • Just Add to your cart now.
Product Overview:
Slampher is a 433MHz RF controlled & WiFi smart bulb holder that can connect to light bulbs with E27 screw base. 
Slampher smart bulb transmits data to a cloud platform through a WiFi Router, 
which enables users to remotely control connected light bulbs, via the App eWeLink on their smartphone. 
The server of Slampher WiFi LED light bulb holder is Amazon AWS global server. 
Slampher WiFi light switch makes all light blubs smart. 
As long as the mobile has network, users can remotely control the lights by turning them on off from anywhere at any time. 
Another feature available is to set timing schedules for the lights, 
which can include countdown, scheduled on/off, and can thus, help customers maintain an easy life.
The mobile application eWeLink enables customers to control the appliances easily.
The iOS version of the application can be downloaded in App Store while the Android version in Google Play.
Note: Sonoff Slampher Support 433Mhz RF receiver.  Users need to buy an extra RF remote controller to control the product locally.
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Sonoff Product Series:

 Product Name  Features  Input Voltage  Max Current   Max Power  Frequency  Shopping 
 Sonoff Basic  1 Channel Wireless Switch  90~250V AC  10A  2200W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff RF  1 Channel 433 RF Wireless Switch  90~250V AC  10A  2200W  2.4Ghz, 433MHz  RF  Click
 Sonoff TH10  Monitor and Set Temperature & Humidity  90~250V AC  10A  2200W(10A)   2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff TH16  Monitor and Set  Temperature & Humidity  90~250V AC  15A  3500W(15A)   2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff Dual  Remote Control 2 Devices  90~250V AC  15A  3500W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff Pow  Report Power & Power Usage  90~250V AC  15A  3500W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff G1  GPRS/GSM Smart Switch  90~250V AC  15A  3500W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff 4CH  4 Gang WiFi Wireless Switch  90~250V AC  10A  2200W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff 4CH Pro  4 Gang WiFi & RF / 3 Working Model  90~250V AC/5~24V DC  10A/Gang  2200W/Gang  2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF Click
 BN-SZ01  App Control Ceiling LED  180~264V AC  0.1A  18W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff Touch  WiFi Wall Touch Switch  90~250V AC  2A  400W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff T1 UK  WiFi RF Wall Touch Switch  90~250V AC  2A/Gang  600W/Gang  2.4Ghz, 433MHz  RF Click
 Slampher  Wireless Control Light Holder  90~260V AC  2A  200W  2.4Ghz, 433MHz  RF Click
 Sonoff B1  Dimmable White & Color Bulb  90~250V AC  2A  6W  2.4Ghz Click
 S20 Smart Socket   EU/US/UK/CN Wifi Smart Socket  90~250V AC  10A  2000W  2.4Ghz Click
 Sonoff SC  Monitor Indoor Environment  USB 5V  80mA  0.4W  2.4Ghz Click






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